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In one way or another, Tammi Cataldo and Dori Perrin have indulged their passion for cars since early childhood. In founding TLC Classic Cars the two women have united, in a business world where women are often absent, to share that passion with you. Since the age of ten, when her father brought home an old, rusted-out Morgan Drop Head Coupe, Tammi Cataldo has developed a deep love of classics. As her father restored that old classic Tammi watched the process with curiosity. Father and daughter entered the Morgan in their first car show – and won 3rd place. That was the spark that ignited the obsession. As soon as she was old enough to possess her own piece of auto history Tammi began to collect and show not only the cars, but the pride of ownership only a classics lover understands. Tammi has an interesting relationship with her cars – she’s unfaithful and seems to need a new one every couple of years! That has led to a lot of classics bought and sold in her day, and she has been in love with each and every one. Her personal favorite? A black on black 1971 Porsche 911! Yes, she favors the Germans, and has an amazing eye for quality. Through the years, as curiosity led to passion and passion led to love, Tammi has searched for new ways to express that love.

With Dori, that expression is summed up in TLC Classic Cars.
A 1967 Cadillac was Dori Perrin’s first car. Her father bought it for her at a PBS public
auction in 1975. You can imagine the fun she had hauling ALL of her high school friends
around in that roomy, powerful classic! She reminisces about that car with as much love
as that car is long! Later, Dori developed her talent in the art of negotiation by entering
the car business and soon became a very successful sales manager. With a strong belief
in the art of negotiation and the mutual joy that can come from each transaction, Dori is
at her best when ensuring both the customer and the business are happy. And she loves
to see that pride-of-ownership smile light up the customer’s face!

As classics lovers, our cars are often considered part of the family, and parting with one
can be an emotional experience. Whether your classic finds a new home at TLC, or
whether a TLC Classic finds a new home with you, we want you to know that we are here
to make the experience as joyful as possible. After all, “We Always Put the Cars First!”
We invite you to explore the website, enjoy the classics, share our experience and most
of all, fall in love all over again. We’ll be here to catch you when you do!

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