1970 Volkswagen Convertible-Beetle SOLD

Condition: 8.5 out 10, 10 being perfect
Location: Sacramento, CA

This is Beauty and the Beast! She is pretty,pretty,pretty but what makes her special is what makes her go! Let me tell you what this babies got! She is sporting a 2165cc....78x94, Scat crank Chevy journal, H beam Scat Rods,Engle FK 8 camshaft 102c ground for engine by engle, 44x37 041 head spark plugs relocated for max flow / reworked by Fumio original Skat-trak intake manifolds welded & ported pauter 1.4 ratio rocker arms, berg push rods,valve springs & retainers, engine is completely balanced, 2300lb pressure plate w/ German disc, Gene Berg 1.5 qt sump, Oberg filter / oil cooler, Scat straight cut gears, Berg 1 3/4 merged header w/ s&s dual exhaust, No Heat!, o2 sensor. Ok that's just the engine! Now the Transmission, late model trans, 412 diff, super diff, 091 4th gear, German large 944 hubs and trans axles, Thing flanges. Now the brakes to stop this baby, Front disc brakes / brembo rotors, Rear type 3 drum brakes w/ German hubs. Lastly the wheels to show off all she has to offer, 16" x 6 " Fuch Wheels German, Oh ya brand new tires! She is a very special girl looking for some fun! Maybe you would like to take her home for a good time! Sale Pending!

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