1960 Chrysler Valiant-

Condition: Averaged 9.6 out of 10 Judges score!
Location: Sacramento, CA

A few weeks back I dropped by the Brian Moore Shop, Ones of the Best Restoration Shops in the Country! Anyway he has done work on my cars in the past and I stopped by to give him some of my cards and tell him about TLC. He then said you must see this car, he pulled back this cover and there was the most amazing car! I mean this car took my breath away! It was a virtual time capsule right before me. It was perfect! Now I am not a Chrysler fan ( sorry to the Chrysler folks) but I can appreciate any well restored car and this was just that. I was floored by the perfection, down to the stickers in the engine compartment the owner had especially made. I have been to some of the best car shows Pebble Beach Concourse d' Elegance, stood right next to Ralph Lauren and his winning car! Come to find out this cars has won it's fair share of Shows and has graced the pages of multiple auto publications. It also spent almost two years in the Peterson Museum. The History of this car is almost as amazing as the restoration. The proud owner has History with Chrysler and was part of the development of the Valiant while a graduate student at the Chrysler Institute of Engineering. There he developed a professional appreciation for the high standards, simplicity, utility, handling and comfort of this amazing car.Thus this started a love affair that would carry on for decades! He was lucky enough to find this car locally in 1973. It has been truly a labor of love, down to every bolt! I have met Cliff and he is one passionate guy. He has to be the most detailed person I have ever met and trust me he knows every correct detail of this Chrysler model (if not all Chrysler's) . There are also many unique details about this car that make it even more special. So if you are a fan of the Valiant and would like to own possibly the nicest example available please contact us, we would love the opportunity to tell you all about it. I think Cliff would love to as well!!

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