1956 Ford Thunderbird

Condition: Excellent
Location: Roseville, CA

1956 Thunderbird History:
I met my future husband when I was 17 years old, and a freshman at Oregon State University, and soon thereafter, I met his 1956 Tbird.  We married in 1965 and in 1966 he became a 2nd Lt. in the Air Force.   We felt it was unfair to “the bird” to drive it from base to base across the country, so we sold it to my mother & father.  Mom had loved Tbirds from her first glance at the little port holes in 1956!  So, the Tbird lived in Menlo Park, CA, from 1967 to 1989, being pampered as a pleasure only car, and maybe driving as far as the train depot (2 miles round trip) where my father caught the train to San Francisco daily.  Altogether the car has been in my family since 1961.
Our Air Force days ended in 1978 when my husband was killed in a plane crash.  In 1989 my parents gave the Tbird back to me for my birthday.  Since then it has been either garaged at home or at a restoration shop.  Restoration included rebuilding the engine, dismantling the car almost to the frame, a new paint job – in the engine area & trunk, too, new upholstery, carpets, side panels, trunk lining – the works.
The odometer reads 29,924, which I believe to be accurate.
The original soft top is also available but needs recovering.
The Tbird has enormous sentimental value for me, but not for my new husband, and for the last several years it has sat in the garage with its battery charger. We take it out a few times a year to give it “exercise” but it needs to be driven and enjoyed (and my husband covets that garage space for his car!).
This beautiful car can be yours for $32,500.

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