1965 Volkswagen VW-Bus

Condition: Excellent
Location: Sacramento

Hi All ~ Offered here is a very special Bus and here's the story! 

This VW bus is not original and was a custom build from the ground up. If you are looking for a documented original, this is not for you. It was brought to California from the East Coast a long time ago. It no longer retains the original VIN and has one assigned to it from the time of the original customization back east. It looks mostly stock and is def. a sleeper. It is one of a kind and you won't find another one like it on the planet. You can have all the nostalgia of an old bus, with the get up and go of a hot rod. You can laugh as you pull away from people going uphill, fully loaded. Easily maintains hwy speeds, 2300 rpm at 65mph. Clear CA title in my name at my address. 
The original frame rails form the basis of support for the 1974 Oldsmobile Rocket 350 with the same year th350 transmission with a custom machined shorty nose cone and external dual external coolers. GM 12 bolt rear end with factory drum brakes, w/ adj. coils. Custom driveline is about 18in. long. Heavy duty sway bar with trailing link suspension/pan hard rod. Emergency brake works in the stock location. The front suspension clip is from a 1971 Type II with power assist disc brakes. No power steering. Heavy duty sway bar up front as well. There are adjustable monroe max-air shocks at all four corners. Brand new mega tube Griffin radiator in the rear engine compartment with dual 4000 cfm fans. Fed by side scoops and a wide underbody scoop behind the rearend. There is also a new aux. radiator in the front (1969 mini cooper) with a 1200 cfm electric fan. Proven to keep it cool in 107 degree hwy heat and in the Mountains (6/27/2016). Dual deep cycle batteries with cut offs are fed by a new GM 180 high amp alternator. New Edelbrock carb. (1402), PCV valve, electronic high output distributor/coil. Cast iron exhaust and dual magnaflow mufflers that are hidden from view. Custom stainless steel 22 gal fuel cell with charcoal vent system. It had A/C at one time, but it has been removed. All professionally fabricated. 
Gauges include, oil pressure, two temp. gauges, tachometer, speedo cable is broken, but has in dash GPS, gas gauge. CD stereo with two 6x9 speakers and Garmin GPS on touch screen. LED flood lights front and rear. Stock headlights. All signals, brake lights, headlights with hi and lo., horn and hazzard lights work as they should. Stock wipers work good in the rain (a little slow) with new wipers. 12V aux. port, electric door poppers on lighted switches. All doors lock with the key. No heater (bad core). Power inverter (110V) located in the battery compartment. LED interior lights. Miata seats with full adjustability, much better for visibility and comfortable on long trips and in good shape. New slider window locks up front. Interior is in great shape and was professionally upolstered. Fully carpeted in high end materials. Engine is accessed through a large hatch behind the front seats. The entire interior is really well insulated and you cannot hear the engine running from the inside of the vehicle. The hatch gives great access to the entire engine. The whole engine compartment is expertly constructed from galvanized sheetmetal. All parts are easily available at a local parts store. No corrosion or rust to be found. The batteries are also insulted in a separate compartment inside next to the engine lid. 
The body is a 1965 VW type II tin roof camper. All vent widows work and have screens, except one of the side door windows, which is fixed closed. The roof rack is custom built and adjustable, powdercoated, paddle board/surf board rack. It has padded rollers that are upholstered in red marine canvas. The roof rack has integrated, pull out aluminum canopy that supports a shaded canopy. The rear bike racks are removable with one pin and are aluminum/powdercoated. They do not obstruct your view or the license plate or tail lights. The front bumper guard is one of a kind and custom to this VW and also powdercoated. It has tow hooks, skid plate and LED flood lights with an integrated step, all attached to the frame of the vehicle. Both front and rear bumper overriders are shaved. It has a custom half size trailer hitch with custom small cargo platform. The rear deck lid is louvered and provides greater air flow for the cooling system. The body is in good shape with normal wear and tear and a couple small dents here and there. Looks really good from 10ft., but multiple flaws can be found if you look closely. This is a driver and it gets driven, often... The rear fender openings were modified with fiberglass flairs to run the wider rear axle and wheels. Porsche fuch's replicas are in perfect shape and the tires are nearly new. Windows are all in great shape. 
This car runs and drives like a Cadillac... I have driven it all over California on multiple trips and it is proven to be reliable. It tracks straight and the steering is tight. Gets decent gas mileage if you keep your foot out of it... Low speed parking is a little stiff with no power steering, but not too bad. As you would expect, it has great acceleration and rides really nice at hwy speeds. The dummy exhaust in the back makes people wonder where that V8 rumble is coming from. The frame has a lot of additional support members, really strong and plenty of clearance. Front and rear air shocks filled through a shredder fitting front and rear. Radiator has an overflow tank and is filled through a door in the back of the bus. Floor is elevated in the back and works perfect for a sleeping area and cargo transportation. 
If you want something that no one else in the world has, than this might be for you... 
Asking $32K obo. Call Tammi at 916 606-5687

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